Rehabilitation and Homecare technology

Within the theme rehabilitation and homecare technology the aim is to contribute to prevention and healthcare by allowing patients to follow their rehabilitation program at -or close to- home. Next to that, new technologies are developed that enable people to live independently at home. Patients take personal control of their healthcare and need less professional healthcare. For instance by implementing eHealth solutions that will enable extramural diagnosis, monitoring, coaching and treatment or by realizing new mobility devices that will allow patients to stay active or become mobile faster.

Rehabilitation and Homecare technology core(s):



Focusing on burden of disease when treating COPD patients

In the management of chronic conditions, such as COPD, there is a shift from doctor-driven care to patient-centred integrated care with active involvement of and self-management by the patient. A recently developed tool, the Assessment of Burden of COPD (ABC)-tool, can be used in this transition to … Lees meer

Neuromodulation by Continuous and Integrated Monitoring and Treatment; Influence the road from nerve to brain

The NeuroCIMT programme aims to develop novel ways of monitoring and treating neurological diseases and sensory impairments through quantitative models of the brain, e.g. by using EEG recordings. Each of the eight projects is aimed at delivering a proof of concept or prototype for clinical applicati … Lees meer


With increasing socioeconomic burden of stroke, the need for an efficient rehabilitation process increases. Novel therapeutic paradigms that aim to enhance functional recovery are being developed rapidly. Yet, the time to market is often long with painstakingly slow trajectories to obtain clinical e … Lees meer

Exergaming for balance training of elderly citizen

The number of elderly will increase rapidly in the coming years.  For them, falls are amongst the most frequent reasons for medical intervention and are a major threat to their health and independence; medical costs are high and rising. 32 Percent of persons 75 years and older, fell at least once a … Lees meer

Breath test for young children

A third of all young children in the Netherlands suffer from wheezing at some point in their life. At the moment no solution exists to differentiate between children that will develop astma and children who are suffering from a wheeze that will heal by itself. IMDI CoRE CCTR develops a breath test t … Lees meer