Shining light on braintumors

Marloes Groot talks about her IMDI Quantivision Project in which she has developed a method to view in one minute instead of previously 16 hours, which (brain) cells are healthy and which contain tumor cells.

“One of the projects I work on is developing a label free imaging technique that we’re going to use in the operating room. So, we are trying to give eyes to the surgeon. Now, when the surgeon operates, tries to remove a tumor from the brain, he takes out tissue and then this tissue is being sent to the pathologist. It takes up to 16 hours to get the real diagnosis. Of course if he takes out to much healthy tissue it is bad for the function of the patient but if he takes out to little the patient is not cured. So, with our technique we can do what the pathologist can do, but then within one minute.”

This innovation combines special range laser microscopy and analysis of quantified data. It generates detailed and even 3D images of cells and tissues.

“Now it is a big setup. In the end, the surgeon can put the excised tissue just on a glass window and then the images will be generated. A little bit further in the future is that we do everything on the tip of a needle. Then you can do the analysis before you excise the tissue. It’s easier to translate this into a device that can be handled by a surgeon in the operating room.”

Utilizing this technology brings many advantages. It enables the surgeon to deliver a faster diagnosis, it also avoids unnecessary operations and saves costs involved.