Our mission is to research, develop and implement a new generation of innovative technology that will facilitate and accelerate the transition towards high quality care that is affordable and accessible for every individual.


New technological solutions enable people to remain independent and take part in their communities. Technology will allow professional care closer to home and enable more efficient and less invasive procedures.

Our vision is to have a health care system that delivers high quality care which is accessible to everyone who needs it. A system supported by innovative technology that is affordable for society and sufficiently staffed, even during the peak of the aging of our population.


IMDI and ZonMw have created strong public-private Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs) based on internationally recognized strengths in imaging, minimally invasive technology and home care & rehabilitation technology. The CoREs are networks in which technical and medical researchers, knowledge institutes, industry and healthcare institutes collaborate multidisciplinary to develop and implement technology for sustainable healthcare.

The next phase will focus more on implementation in areas that will impact healthcare most.