Announcement 7th round IMDI Talent Award

The 7th round of the IMDI Talent Award is announced. After six laureates have won the prize from five different CoREs, also this year’s graduates of the year 2016-2017 will have a chance of winning this prize of €1500,-. This research project should involve the proof of principle of prototyping of a new medical device or related eHealth application. The product has to contribute to the independency or effective treatment of patients with a chronic condition or disability.

Each CoRE may send in their best candidate no later than Friday 15th September 2017. Criteria are in line with the IMDI goals: originality and own contribution, suitability from a patient’s perspective, producibility from a business perspective, and potential contribution to the sustainability of healthcare. We are looking forward to this year’s candidates and hope to see one of each CoRE!